College Services

Feel free to sign up for any or all of the categories below that meet your needs along your college navigation journey. If you aren’t sure what you need or need help with many topics then one of the all-inclusive packages might work best for you. All can be done in person, over the web or on the phone.

  • Planning for College/ Creating a Timeline
        • Planning for college can start as early as the beginning of a high school career. Wherever you are in your timeline, whatever your student’s year in school, I can assist you in a step by step plan of what to do when, from when to get involved in volunteer hours, when to take the ACT or SAT, to when you should be narrowing your college choices and applying. If this is the direction you need, we will create a calendar individualized to your student.
        • 2 sessions (90 minutes the first time, 60 minutes the second)
        •   $300

  • Choosing a Major
    • Adults know that people choose many different careers in their lifetimes but students often stress about choosing THE right field to major in at college. These sessions offer research-based interest surveys, personality inventory, one-on-one interview and online resources to help students clarify their talents, interests and potential field of study.
    • 3 sessions (60 minutes each)
    • Price also includes testing materials and officially scored report to keep
    • $450
  • Choosing and Applying to Colleges
    • Every college wants you to believe they are the best, but are they the best for you? I will provide you with resources and tools to organize your ideas about colleges you’d like to attend, direct you in how to assess their value, narrow down your choices and make a list of which ones to visit. I can assist you in setting up those visits and meeting with representatives, professors and coaches from the universities you are interested in, and guide you in the process of applying to your top choices.
    • Includes spreadsheets and worksheets individualized to what you are looking for and resources for doing your own research which we can both evaluate and compare.
    • 4 sessions (Two 60 minutes, Two 30 minutes)
    • $500
  • Financial Aid, Scholarships and Interviewing
    • Things are always changing with financial aid and paying for college. It’s hard to know if you’ve saved enough and who is responsible for what. There are shady scholarship companies who will promise to get you scholarship money, but how can they guarantee that? I will help you figure out how much to expect college will cost, where you can find financial aid, when and how to fill out the FAFSA, answer questions about this confusing subject, and point you in the direction of scholarships that could be attainable for your student. I also have suggestions for writing professional scholarship and application essays, provide editing service, and can provide mock interview sessions to prepare you for the real thing.
    • Editing provided by an author with a Masters in English
    • 60 minute sessions as scheduled
    • $125 per hour
  • Building a College Portfolio
    • Sports, Leadership, Arts, Honors… many departments in college like to see a representation of your work. I can give you information about what you need to be putting together throughout your high school years and assist you in organizing your work in a professional presentation.
    • 2 sessions (60 minutes each)
    • $275
  • Special Needs in College
    • Colleges and universities have specific departments to assist students who have physical and learning disabilities, mental health diagnoses and other challenges that impact their learning. Other times students start college but circumstances cause their education to be interrupted and they don’t know how to maintain their credits or academic status. I can assist your family and be a liaison between your student and the university to make this a smooth transition and a successful educational experience.
    • Number of sessions may vary
    • $125 per hour
  • All-Inclusive Packages
    • Packages can be tailored to your specific needs. At our first session we will discuss what you want to accomplish and how many sessions that might take. With this option, you can utilize your sessions to address any or all topics listed above in combination or from the beginning of your search through the choice, application and acceptance.
    • 5 sessions over 3 months, $600
    • 10 sessions over 6 months, $1100
  • Hourly Sessions, no specific topic
    • If you aren’t sure what you need but would like to meet with me to brainstorm and discuss and have a coach to guide you through the process one step at a time, you might prefer to schedule sessions as needed.
    • In person or over the web
    • $125 per hour
  • Informational Workshops
    • I offer informational and educational presentations to groups of students and parents to inform them about the process of planning for college. Schools, churches, civic organizations, and parent groups have invited me to share with their families as a support for their community.
    • Presentations can be specific to one topic or touch on several, depending on the amount of time you’d like me to present.
    • Topics include
      • College Timeline, Planning for College
      • Financial Aid & Scholarships
      • Handling Challenges in College
      • Time Management and Study Skills
      • Making Yourself Marketable
      • Parents Preparing for Students Leaving
      • (Other topics as requested)
    • $150 per hour, mileage if over 25 miles

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