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I can help you plan for college!

Practical advice and guidance for navigating the college planning process!

Many families have questions about college: which to choose, what are colleges looking for, how much will it cost, which is better, what should my student be doing throughout high school to prepare, what if they want to play sports in college, will college assist if a student has special circumstances…?

I can help. After 20 years of working with students and young adults and journeying our own college search and application, I have gathered information and advice from experts in the business- professors, admission reps, financial aid reps, parents of current and past students, and current and past college students themselves, those who have just started their higher education to those who have traversed on to Masters and PhD level studies. I’ve organized this valuable information and share it with you here.

In addition, I can meet with your family to create your own plan. Every student’s circumstances, questions and interests are different. My role can be to help you organize and create a manageable direction, answering your questions and reducing your anxiety about the process.

Read the most current trends and ideas here:  Blog

Learn how I can help your family create an individualized plan, step by step, for your college selection, marketability and application by clicking here:  Services

Contact me with questions or to schedule a time to meet or talk: Contact

I look forward to meeting with your family to discuss your ideas and plan. This is an exciting time that is constantly changing. You are not alone; let the experience of others guide your way.


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